Welcome to Galaxidi

The prettiest resort along the Gulf of Corinth, just two and a half hours from Athens, stands the village of Galaxidi. A symbol of Greek seamanship and great maritime power during the 18th and 19th century, Galaxidi participated in the national uprising of 1821 with its sailboats, which dominated the Mediterranean Sea until the middle of the 19th century. The village curves around a seafront hillock, with narrow cobblestone streets connecting two well-sheltered harbors to either side.

The older harbor was a major shipbuilding centre during its maritime glory, a prosperous era when the town acquired its fine crop of stone mansions. It’s known locally as Hirolakas, or ‘Widows’ Port’, remembering the wives who waited in vain for seamen husbands, whose ships never came home.

The new harbor, to the south, is lined with bars, cafes, taverns and restaurants. These look across a narrow channel to a forested headland, opposite the waterfront, that’s fringed by walking paths and pebbled coves popular with swimmers.

Galaxidi with its picturesque, romantic and Serene atmosphere, its cosmopolitan air and aristocratic finesse, is an ideal all year round destination.


  • Maritime Museum,  one of the oldest, if not the oldest, museum of its kind in Greece. With a rich collection of paintings and objects related to its long maritime history.
  • Folklore & Cultural Museum,  housed in one of the oldest mansions in the area, offers a closer look at the culture and lifestyle in Galaxidi, through the centuries of its maritime glory.
  • Girl’s School,  A beautiful Neoclassical building, with Doric columns, was built in 1880 and stands out imposing in the center of the traditional settlement.
  • The Church of Agios Nikolaos, symbol and patron saint of Galaxidi. Built at the highest point of the settlement, it becomes visible almost everywhere while inside, the masterpiece wood-carved icon temple impresses and rivets.
  • The church of Agia Paraskevi, with the zodiac sign carved on its floor and a sundial in the courtyard.
  • The Monastery of Virgin Mary “Panagia Galaxa”. A few kilometers north of Galaxidi, the Holy Monastery of “Panagia Galaxa Thalassokratousa”, is a new temple at the top of a hill, with a breath taking view.



  • Maritsa’s restaurant, offers a wide selection of Mediterranean gourmet dishes and the best view of Galaxidi, a choice completely identified with Galaxidi. (tel: 22650 41059).
  • Skeletovrachos (Skeleton Rock), with international and local cuisine, located across the yacht marina (tel: 22650 41303)
  • Bebelis’ local delicacies, with the famous kelemia (stuffed onions)  among many others, located on the main road that leads to the port. (tel: 22650 41677)
  • Taverna Porto, delicious traditional Greek cuisine. (tel: 22650 41182)
  • Briki restaurant, with a wide variety of seafood delicacies, and more. (tel: 697 9978455)
  • Tassos, the famous local fish tavern. (22650 41291)




Stop By:

  • “Konaki” patisserie. For amazing traditional pastries and homemade sweets (tel: 22650 41750).
  • Ostria” pottery. Unique handmade ceramics and a huge variety of folklore gifts (tel: 22650 41063).


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